About Small Drawings & Contact

I’m Carlos Quitério and I was born on the 29th February 1980 in Nazaré. I currently live in Caldas da Rainha. I’m a visual artist, illustrator and product+graphic designer since 2003, always working on a wide variety of mediums and supports.

I launched this small drawing project to showcase my drawing practice, delivering one each day, but meanwhile my daily routine got overloaded with so many other things I stopped doing it more frequently. I don’t see this as a fancy online gallery to gain audience, but more likely as an outlet to deliver and archive my practice steps or collection drafts.

I think my drawings main characteristics demonstrate clear evidences of a controlled chaos.  On them an implicit blueprint grid displaying a stage where over-populated components live and interact.

My takes are mainly inspired by dystopian ecosystems where misaligned beliefs, belongs or surroundings act together inside dysfunctional landscapes, composed by different parts of the whole, or as a whole made of many parts.

For these drawings, I rely more on ready-made thoughts rather than preconceived ideas, issues or subordinated stories. Although figurative, it’s mainly an anti-illustration statement, derived from spontaneous nonsense narratives. sometimes I make them illustrate a previous thought or concept.

My full portfolio of work containing commissioned illustration, collage and other stuff is at kodap.com

Contact me:

email: carlosquiterio { a t } gmail .com
twitter:  @carlosquiterio

My Quitstagram: follow at the bottom