Shop and Ship?

Following friends suggestions, I’ve  decided to accept orders from a limited number of prints, available from mostly all small artworks listed here, and why not, sell the originals as well – I now need to finance my education degree and many other non-profit projects I’m currently developing, sounds silly, but it’s true and serious.

All payment procedures will be made via Paypal, because it’s safe, fast, simple, and accepts almost any payment methods (more info on security and privacy at Paypal Inc).

The preferred shipping method is regular mail – between 5 to 15 days from the order and payment confirmation to final delivery,  depending on the country or region of worldwide buyers. Northen America and Europe territories are considered to have afaster delivery/shipping.
It’s just like a postcard sent to you, that’s why  no extra shipping fees or extra costs are charged above the listed price, because it’s a small, portable format.

If you’d still prefer the following alternatives, Contact me through my online form for a request:

  • • Pay by money order, cash or wire transfer.
  • • Get the artwork shipped quickly and tracked by UPS, DHL, FED-EX (or other) – This will result in a charge of 50€ for  shipping costs and handling, added to the final art price.
  • • Get a customized receipt / order confirmation / Certificate of authenticity signed.
  • •  Get a guaranteed secure, safe delivery.


As an Online store tool, is directed and targeted to any worldwide entity /private or person (2) interested in buying Carlos Quitério’s artworks and they will be asked for personal, most probably confidential information to finish the required (easy) steps:
– By proceeding to ‘check-out’ process, upon adding/submitting  to cart your desired copies or/and originals, your personal information (such as name, address, email, phone number, etc.) submitted in the online confirmation form, is kept solely on Carlos Quitério(1) ( database and files and the recipient’s email or browser cache.

The information provided and confirmed by (2) will not, in any case or situation be shared, sold, copied, distributed, rented, by any means, to any third parties, unless without explicit written and comproved agreement between Carlos Quitério (owner) to the entity or person acquiring (buyer), including also the personal, private or confidential information given or transmitted by Carlos Quitério, via the platform

All digital material contained within the domain is property of Carlos Quitério –, unless otherwise credited or mentioned. This includes the scanned artworks, original project concept, written posts, essays, or other raw source considered intelectual property.

Information might also be stored and saved by the entity /private / person(2)  inside his own or shared computer, via browser “cookie” so (2) can easily come back and re-order without having the to provide again all of the information. This information may expire or be kept on a different time schedule,  subject to (2) personal web tools configuration form any vendor. If you feel you have any questions about that, then you should contact your vendor or service provider.

Carlos Quitério(1) will take legal measures upon who infringes the intellectual property rights on any the above stated matters.

Any questions or special requests about the shipping and shopping terms/policies, please contact, I’ll be glad to help you 🙂

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