Carlos Quitério

This website is a diary, a canvas, a mood board, a place to stick my daily exercises, with links to printed stuff of mine.

You can follow my memes, small talk, work, doodles and daily reels: in instagram/ @carlosquiterio, Be with me at behance/ @kodap, follow me with me at facebook/ @carlosquit, type blurbs with me at twitter/ @carlosquiterio.

My sturdy lines are the support for freely building utopian landscapes or structured figurations. I think my visual memory doesn’t accept to be represented with small gestures, so everything must be an organism connected through random ramblings who are part of a complex dismembered dialogue, contained and tidy.
Yes, it’s absurd, sometimes.

Besides this outlet of drawings, doodles and digital pieces, I also keep an analog collage project at and I’ve been practising cultural cartography at since 2012.

Buy printed artworks at
Posterlounge: Carlos Quiterio + fitacola collage; Society6: @fitacola collage & @carlosquiterio, Junique Germany: Carlos Quiterio

My projects portfolio is at .
Collages by me and Graça at

Working on smaller pieces, I am usually less pretentious when it comes give deeper meanings on compositions.

Honestly embracing the doodling process as a mean to the end, I have the tendency to pair or connect unrelated figurations, incrementally, until some sort of relative balance is good for me.

I take many references from  iconography,  graphic design, engineering, data fragments, spontaneous phrases, contemporary or modern pop culture to compose an hybrid of figurative and abstract drawings.

These vary from  just small remarks of spontaneous synaptic  generated concepts with simple strokes, dashes, constructions, phrases, sets,  character doodles, organic elements,  pre-conceived unrelated pictures, following some incoherent blueprint in the composition process. 

As opposed to bigger supports, my small drawings are more likely to reveal variations on different mood states throughout the day. These subtleties get more evident on the flow and rhythm of the compositions from drawing to drawing. 

contact me: k @ k o d a p . c o m